Reveal Pro: SQL DB explorer

SQL DB explorer

You can get a better view of SQL database you use in your project using db:explore action on your JDBC connection source description (e.g. DataSource instance, JDBC URL or, if you use next.jdbc or, a db spec map).

Here is what you can do with DB explorer:

  1. Visualize database schema.

    You can view your database in the same way you think about it — as a graph with relations.

  2. Explore relational data across multiple tables without writing joins.

    You can load data from multiple tables using schema-aware relation and column picker. In the same picker interface, you can apply free-form filters to columns, quickly getting the data you need.

  3. Work with query results in the REPL.

    Working with data loaded from the database usually requires post-processing. With this explorer, you don’t need to perform an export/import step that is necessary with external SQL clients — query results are available in the REPL as simple data structures.