First impressions of Morse and Replicant

I tried out the new Clojure tool, Morse (aka REBL), and its companion library, Replicant, for remote data inspection. Here are my first impressions.

Reveal now highlights illegal booleans in Clojure

If you are wondering what the hell is illegal booleans, read this post — it will save you some headaches in the future

Reveal, Vega and data DSLs

Reveal Free now supports Vega(-Lite) visualizations out of the box. Reveal Pro now solves the difficulty of writing Vega(-Lite) specs.

2021 wrapped

I never liked the idea of using some arbitrary date to take a step back and review my life, but I like the idea of taking a step back to review my life, and having some arbitrary date as a reminder to do it is good.

Reveal stickers

You'll be surprised what side of the laptop these stickers apply to...