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Reveal is a Clojure-oriented data inspection toolbox that aims to remove the barrier between you and objects in your VM.

The goals of Reveal are:

There are 2 versions of Reveal:

Try it out

To try Reveal Free:

  1. Start a Reveal Free REPL:
     clj \
     -Sdeps '{:deps {vlaaad/reveal {:mvn/version "1.3.280"}}}' \
     -X vlaaad.reveal/repl
  2. Evaluate some forms and inspect the results.

To try Reveal Pro:

  1. Start a Reveal Pro REPL:
    clj \
    -Sdeps '{:deps {dev.vlaaad/reveal-pro {:mvn/version "1.3.359"}}}' \
    -X vlaaad.reveal/repl
  2. Start a free trial here;
  3. Paste the license key from confirmation email into a license input field in the Reveal Pro window;
  4. Evaluate some forms and inspect the results.


Learn Reveal

Here you can find useful high-level information about Reveal:


Lower-level guides:

Reveal in media

I gave 3 talks about Reveal:

Other videos about Reveal:

I also talked about Reveal on defn podcast (1h30m).

Various written setup instructions using Reveal:

Closing thoughts

If repl is a window to a running program, then Reveal is an open door — and you are welcome to come in. I get a lot of leverage from the ability to inspect any object I see, and I hope you will find Reveal useful too.

If you do, please consider supporting my work either by sponsoring the development of the free version or by buying the subscription for Pro version.